Set The Bar

In conjunction with our community and our public safety partners, I will establish a Mission, Essence and Values Based Management System similar to what I established in Louisville. The Mission, Vision, Essence and Values established for the Louisville Police Department are as follows:


Ensuring public safety and improving quality of life, in partnership with our community.


To provide service excellence with state-of-the-art technology, well-trained officers and staff, and up-to-date equipment to provide the best service possible to the community.


Safety, Quality of Life, Community.


We commit our talent and energy to the mission of the LPD by consistently demonstrating the following core values:

Collaborative – We embrace teamwork by coordinating efforts and ideas, being flexible, accessible, and open to change and input. We achieve better outcomes as partners.

Communicative – We are conduits for meaningful communication. We actively listen and share information, are transparent and follow through.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves ethically and honestly, to enhance trust within our organization and the community.

Leadership – We inspire, motivate, empower, guide, model accountability and are courageous.

Preparedness – We invest in our organization’s success and are focused on continuous improvement. We provide professional development and training opportunities, stay current on industry trends and technology, strive for innovation, and serve as proactive problem solvers.

Respect – We are open-minded, appreciate diversity and value the rights of all people.

Resilience – We are able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Sheriff has an obligation to be a good steward of taxpayers’ money. I will review each division of the Sheriff’s Office to identify areas for immediate improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

I will expand the use of non-sworn (civilian) staff to handle duties which do not require a sworn deputy.

I will expand the Reserve Deputy Program to augment staffing and expand the Office’s visibility, effectiveness, and accessibility to those who live, work, and visit Boulder County. I will increase focus on fiscal responsibility by prioritizing core law enforcement services and identifying alternative funding sources whenever possible.


I will implement strategies to recruit, hire and retain a qualified, diverse group of deputies and non-sworn staff to provide excellent public safety service to the people of Boulder County.

The Sheriff’s Office should reflect the demographics of the Denver Metro Area. I will increase the representation of women and people of color in supervisory and command positions in the Sheriff’s Office.

I will develop and implement a leadership succession plan in the Sheriff’s Office to ensure department members have a clearly defined path to enhance their careers in the service of others.

I will increase the focus on contemporary training and education for all Sheriff’s Office employees and volunteers in the areas of communication, crisis intervention, conflict de-escalation, mental health, use of force, and employee health, safety, and wellness.

I will increase collaboration with our public safety partners and those who live, work, and visit to clearly identify community expectations and implement strategies to exceed them together.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

As noted in a Statement from Boulder County Law Enforcement Leaders to the Boulder Community dated June 5, 2020…which I signed and in full support of…

“The past week has been a difficult time for everyone. As leaders of the eight Boulder County law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office, we are deeply disturbed by the circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd.

We have heard the words of the protestors. Black lives matter. That is true in Boulder County and everywhere in the world. Enough is enough. There is no room for any law enforcement professional who is biased against any group of people to be a part of our profession.

We stand in solidarity with you. When you are dealing with members of our organizations, we want you to feel safe, no matter your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or any other status. Should you find yourself speaking with a law enforcement officer or deputy, you should not have to fear for your life or suffer any discrimination.

In Boulder County, we must continue to make progress in improving our justice system — but there is work that remains to be done. To truly honor George Floyd requires we do so. Law enforcement and the community must work together to make changes which will solidify trust and ensure a justice system that is fair for all. We are and will continue our commitment to find ways to do better as a community.

We, the leadership of all of the Boulder County law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office, make this promise to our community; we will not stop until members of our community no longer fear those who are there to protect them.

If you have comments or questions about your local law enforcement agency, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.”

My commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, has been part of my entire public service career. As noted above, in 1999 I attended a national symposium on the topic of racial profiling and study its impact in Boulder, Colorado, and the United States; developed a training program aimed at law enforcement officers regarding racial profiling and related bias issues; and delivered the training program to all officers and supervisors in the department. And, I currently serve on the Louisville City Manager’s newly established Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

As the Sheriff, we will continue to embrace Equity, Diversion and Inclusion in all that we do, incorporating it as part of our culture.

As we all know, our country is not only going through a pandemic, but facing general mistrust of government at all levels.

We need to take needed and necessary steps to keep us all safe, however, in doing so, we must remain transparent and open to meaningful input throughout our processes. Boulder County needs a Sheriff who has the character, experience, and vision to serve on day one. I am that person.

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Kind regards,

Dave Hayes