I will continue to work with our elected representatives on contemporary matters including:

  • Criminal justice reform. Our criminal justice system touches many parts of our society — crime victims, community safety, offenders, and others — and should involve input from a wide range of stakeholders.

  • Examining non-law enforcement responses to calls

Mental Heath

We need to develop effective mental health strategies to address the ever- increasing number of people experiencing mental health crisis in Boulder County, and the role of law enforcement in these matters. I will spearhead an effort to partner with other Boulder County law enforcement agencies, District Attorney Michael Dougherty, city and county attorneys, faith community, Mental Health Partners, other mental health clinicians, our hospitals, and emergency medical services personnel to develop and implement these strategies.


Crime is increasing in our municipalities based in part on the COVID Pandemic and needs to be addressed. We need to develop policing strategies and take action to reduce this increase in crime, and at the same time, continue to be aware of the Pandemic’s on-going effect on our community.

The current policy of the jail not accepting many individuals on serious charges, and many individuals wanted on warrants including felonies, creates an environment of no consequences, and keeps Victim’s from being Victims. Without any additional bond conditions, mental or substance abuse treatment, some will re-offend, and some will not appear in court but remain in our community without supervision and proper treatment. When defendants do not appear, victims are not eligible for restitution and the right to provide a Victim Impact Statement to the Court.

I will establish a Task Force to discuss how to address these issues and invite our Chief Judge from the 20th Judicial District, District Attorney Michael Dougherty, Municipal Judges, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Defense Bar, Boulder Mental Health, Clinicians working with our law enforcement agencies and in the jail, Health Department, Law Enforcement Executives from through the county, Probation Department, Community Justice Services, jail staff, City/County Managers, and Community Members.